November 12, 2006

What Is has become, by far, one of the most popular Internet sites on the World Wide Web today. Now, people from many countries can create a profile, customize it with premade layouts like those offered by and instantly gain access to the many features and benefits the service has to offer.

Not only has it enabled users to chat with old friends, meet new ones, and share common interests with many others simultaneously, it has also given many professionals the platform they need to showcase their products, services, and many talents.

Many independent music artists, filmmakers, and comedians have posted information about themselves, as well as files available for download so that everyone can enjoy their various sources of entertainment.Many celebrities have also created pages so that they can interact more with fans, while also giving the fans yet another means by which to discuss their favorite celebrity or artist.

While this all sounds great on the surface, there have, however, been significant difficulties that have resulted in legal issues. These issues have affected many users. In recent months, users of have had difficulties getting in to and maintaining their sites. Some have even found their information to have disappeared altogether, thus making it necessary for them to re-create their entire profile and all subsequent pages.

It was quickly discovered that this was a result of computer hacking, which has happened to many users. While identity theft is certainly something that has become more common and more feared in recent years, many users probably didn’t imagine someone would hack into their pages to steel their information.

This has become a grave concern of many computer users over the past decade, as more and more people are beginning to conduct business online.Now, many people pay bills, shop, and conduct other various forms of business that require them to share pieces of personal information. This information can include a social security number, bank account number, credit card information, mailing address, phone number, and even E-mail address.

While much of this information isn’t required on the site, (only E-mail address and name are required), users are given the choice to include various other pieces of information that could, in turn, harm them if placed in the wrong hands.

The argument can be made, however, that just about any piece of information can be traced if the person tracing it is experienced and knows just where to look, and that doesn’t ask for any information that could put its users in danger of identity theft. has subsequently taken legal action to prevent such occurrences from happening again, and have since taken steps to keep its users as safe as possible.

Users are also cautioned to provide only information they wouldn’t mind others knowing, and to be careful not to reveal anything that could cause them harm. It should also be noted that isn’t the only site of its kind to experience such issues, and they are sure to pop up almost anywhere. The key is to be careful, be aware, and to report anything that seems like it might be suspicious. This will not only help keep you safe, it will help others remain safe as well.

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